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May this find you all warm and safe in this time of winter, and also during this time of growing sunlight! We have a couple big announcements for you, which we are extremely excited about. We would like to announce that Swamp Booking has kindly added us to their roster, and our next trip back to Europe will be April 11-23. We are humbled to be in this family of amazing artists, and honored to have them as friends and advocates. Please see dates below. ALL of the shows look amazing, but we are thrilled to announce we will be doing a closing ritual at Doom Over Leipzig on April 22nd, after Wolves in the Throne room!!!! Please see the trailer featuring a CEKE piece, "When We Sewed Skins"! Lastly, all of these efforts are of course pointing to the release of our new Book + 2 CD entitled, "Shrines for the Unwanted, Respite for the Cast Aside". It will include 60 minutes of new music, a bonus CD of CEKE live in Vienna 2016, and a 70 page professionally printed book of writings and photographs. Edition of 100 Book + 2 x CD, and 200 2 x CD. Preorders will start February 15th, with a release date of April 2nd. Sound links, photos, and more info to come soon!
In Fullness...

Doom Over Leipzig

4/11 Berlin
4/12 Amsterdam
4/13 Belgium (TBD)
4/14 Diksmuide
4/15 Paris
4/16 Nantes
4/17 Tolouse
4/18 Lyon
4/19 Basel
4/20 Bruxelles
4/21 Rotterdam
4/22 Leipzig
4/23 Poznan

Common Eider, King Eider is in direct opposition to the Trump Administration. We are against racism, fascism, bigotry, misogyny, and xenophobia. We celebrate diversity. We celebrate and advocate for women's rights, LGBT rights, housless people's rights, environmental protection, and Indigenous rights and Indigenous land struggles. We celebrate creation through destruction. We will be donating 100% of all digital sales to various organizations that represent these ideas, starting with the Oceti Sakowin Camp at Standing Rock. We will announce donation amounts and when the receiving organization will change. Thank you for all of your support. Love one another, take care of one another, and help those who need help. Blessings!!!


05 // 28 // 16 -- 07 // 03 // 16

Sweden // Finland // Norway // Germany // Czech Republic // Slovenia
Austria // Croatia // Italy // UK // France // Belgium // Netherlands


28 - Sat - Smäland (SW)

01 - W - Tampere

03 - Fri - Oslo

04 - Sat - Stavanger

05 - Sun - Oslo Island Festival

06 - M - Jokköing (SW)

10 - F - Berlin

11 - Sat - Prague

12 - Sun - Vienna

13 - M - Brno (CZ)

14 - T - Zabok (Croatia)

15 - W - Maribor (Slovenia)

16- Th - Funkenflug Festival /Salzburg

19 - Sun - Bologna

20 - M - Rome

21 - T - Turin

24 - Fri - Tapette Festival CAMPENEAC

25 - Sat - London

29 - W - Antwerp

30 - Th - Ghent

JULY 1 - F - Hamburg

We are excited to announce that our new full-length, "Extinction", will be released April 11th on Cold Spring (UK)!

A new ritual from this long running doom/drone/ambient collective, offering up modern manifestations of ancient energies, channelled into smoldering swathes of ceremonial hypnosis and explosive gouts of blood-red radiance. Extinction is an extended ceremonial rite conducted below ground at the Wisp House (R.I.P.). A song suite of psychedelic devotionals assembled from reverb drenched industrial drones, billowing clouds of metallic throb, and churning, rhythmic bombast. Fields of ghostly incantations suspended in the ether, draped over metallic murmurs and moaning melancholia. The low end rumble of monk-like chants beneath the soft tangle of keening lamentation. A slowly evolving sensory sacrament, tense and harrowing, punctuated by dense dramatic swells and aching, mournful mantras.
CD available on Cold Spring.
Cassette available on Sol y Nieve.

We would like to take a moment, and announce the details for the upcoming full-length entitled "Unhuulda". Our imprint Caribou people, will be releasing a very special, and very limited artist edition handmade book + download code version on Yule. The book will be a hand bound collection of writings and sigils focused on the archetype of Unhuulda- the figure who sits on the fence with one foot rooted in the Village and one foot rooted in Unknown Wilderness. The conduit residing, "in between". In between Wliderness and civilization, death and life, hunter and hunted. The book will be hand fabricated, and bound by hand. The printing will be metallic gold ink, charged with song and breath, printed on 100% recycled heavy stock, charged with smoke and oil. The download code will contain 5 new pieces, totaling 55 minutes. Each artist edition book will be made to order, so please be patient when ordering. In lieu of pressing CDs, we have decided to make a donation to We felt strongly about limiting the amount of resources used for this release, and felt that money could be put to better use in a more productive fashion.
The Book will be limited to a one time edition of 150. We are not taking pre-orders, but if you would like to get on the list for the first batch mailing, please message me. The artist edition will be available at this year's Cascadian Yule celebration, and orders will ship 12/22. Both the artist edition Book (physical artifact), and the digital download only version will be available through this site. Sound clips and production photos coming soon....
Unhuulda! Unhuulda! Unhuulda! we are within the village walls!

A heartfelt thank you to all of the support and encouragement over the years!!! Thank you!!! CEKE is excited to announce that we will be offering subscriptions. We have several upcoming releases that we are extremely excited about, and also some news to share with you. We will be experimenting with download codes paired with physical artifacts in the next several months. These will be extremely limited (25-100 at most), and beautifully executed. All artifact editions will be handmade, environmentally friendly, recycled/repurposed materials executed as low impact as possible. Although these editions will be available to non-subscribers, subscribers will be notified of the release first, automatically receive the download with additional tracks included, plus a discount code to purchase the artifact if you desire a physical copy.
Subscribers will automatically receive the entire CEKE back catalog at the time of your subscription.
Thank you again for all of your support! Love to you all!

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